View of the You Yangs

Dog boarding accommodation

We have well maintained accommodation with beautiful surrounding views of the You Yangs.

  • Heating, cooling and social accommodation available.
  • All pens are brick and concrete, required for council approval. Easy to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Kennel areas are well under cover, keeping guest safe from extreme weather conditions, all pens get daily sunshine and fresh country air.
  • Individual or shared accommodation, we cater for the single or the multiple pet families.
  • Guest have their own hammock style bed – we do ask owners to supply your own familiar bedding from home.
  • We have many exercise areas, guests can play, race about or just to sniff around and stretch their legs.
  • With a large supervised area, it’s great for all our social pets that like to play together, also the extremely active dogs that like to race around.
  • All pets are exercised at least 3 times during the day.
  • Social pets are able to play with others with their owners consent.

» See rates for standard boarding & villas

Villa accommodation

  • our villas are for our play-all-day social guests!
  • dogs are housed with other social friends
  • with 8 villas to choose from, we can have puppies, teenagers and retiree groups
  • we cater for up to 4 small to medium size dogs or 2-3 larger dogs per villa
  • all villas are luxury heated and cooled with their own courtyard
  • all dogs are assessed to go into our villas (guests that damage this area will be removed and charged accordingly)