A: Your pet’s vaccination details, this is their passport in. (Current within the past 12months)
Dogs are supplied with hammock beds, please bring some familiar bedding and a toy if you like.

A: No, we supply all food and water bowls

A: Unfortunately No. We currently do not have staff available to do tours, Which also why we are not accepting new customers for peak periods. We are prioritising our time with the care of all our guests, Our No.1 Priority.

A: Social pets will be assessed at the discretion of BBR team.

If we have suitable social dogs along with suitable trained staff for group playtimes, Your dog may have the opportunity to join in group play.

All dogs that stay at BBR get out to exercise a minimum of 3 times per day, which is our everyday routine. (regardless if they are social or not.)

A: Most dogs settle very well, within a day. However some pets will take a bit longer.
Being a smaller kennel we spend the time to reassure them, it’s not a bad place.
We give owners an update on how their pet settled, and any particulars that arise.

A: As long as you need.
Day stays are very popular, this tends to break up the lonely working week for pets.
We have your average holiday period, about 2-3 weeks, also the long term boarders, over sea’s trip, house building situation and extended working contract.
Many different situation arise, dogs cope very well in this happy environment.