Opening hours

Standard opening hours

Monday 8am – 10am & 3pm -5pm
Tuesday 8am – 10am & 3pm – 5pm
Wednesday 8am – 10am
Thursday 8am – 10am & 3pm – 5pm
Friday 8am – 10am and 3pm – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 11am
Sunday AM 9am – 10am
Sunday PM 3pm – 4:30pm


Unfortunately at this time we are not offering inspections/tours.

School holiday hours

Wednesday 9am – 10am

Saturday 9am – 11am

All other days: 9am – 10am and 3 – 4pm

Public holiday hours

Christmas Day Closed, Boxing Day Closed, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st of December
New Years Day Closed
Good Friday Closed

Other public holidays hours will be advised.

9-10 am and 3-4 pm ( Fees apply for any pets boarding on these days.)

We suggest your pet be dropped off at your earliest convenience as they settle in better when they have sufficient time to adjust to their new surroundings. New customers will need to arrive early, allowing extra time for administration.

Dogs playing tug-o-war