Our guests are provided with comfortable accommodation, daily exercising and quality foods in a fun and caring environment.

Dogs with medical needs

If your pet needs daily medication, injections or on a special diet, just let us know and were happy to cater for your pet’s special needs.

  • Additional daily fee for any dogs requiring medications.
  • Medications and diet/special foods need to be provided by the owner.* (fees apply)
  • If your pet has any medical history, it is required that you advise us upon requesting a booking.
  • We have a veterinarian on call, if pets need any medical attention they will be seen to.
  • As medical problems can arise in your own home as well as while your pets are away, we make every effort to contact you or your contact person, should any decision need to made. *We have the right to pass any medical costs to the owners*

Hydro bath

If your dog smells a bit doggy, we can provide them with a hydro bath, flea rinse and blow dry before they depart. Price on application.

Doggy villas